Boatcierge Members enjoy the benefit of the following services:


Keeping your vessel up to date with maintenance and seasonal service schedules is a vitally important but time consuming task. Boatcierge will give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that only the required work takes place and that your boats are kept in top shape without any unnecessary disruption to your day.

Buying & Selling

From offering consultation and advice on vessel choice to stepping on board for the first time, Boatcierge will mangage the purchase process from beginning-to-end. We will also make sure you receive the best possible price when selling your boat and take care of dealing with all interested parties throughout the process.

Cleaning & Detailing

Boatcierge will coordinate cleaning and detailing services required for your vessel. We are in partnership with Melbourne’s premier provider, Detail Pro Marine We offer all required services through our marine network.


When ready to come out of or go back into Mooring. Boatcierge will coordinate this so you simply need to hop on or hope off. We can assist with economical mooring options, permanent and seasonal.


As a member of Boatcierge, we will manage the administrative duties that come with marine ownership. Upon joining, we will assess each vessel within your collection, create a condition report and we will prepare a calendar for the upcoming year.


Our partnership with Detail Pro Marine, ensures you receive the benefit of more than a decade of dedicated marine maintenance and repair experience. We handle everything from quotation, management and quality assurance of your repairs or modifications.


Would you like to have your car join you down the coast for the summer? We can deliver your vehicle to your summer mooring allowing you to feel at home, on and off the water.


Planning a day out with friends on the boat? Allow Boatcierge to assist in supplying all requested food and beverages for your day on the water.